GPD 2017 Workshop Proposal Submission

All interested in organizing a workshop can submit a proposal here. Your topic of preference should be in line with the general theme of the conference. Received proposals will be reviewed and you will be notified of it its acceptance or rejection. For more information please visit

Please read the following carefully before filling the workshop form:

  • All the fields in the form are compulsory and should be filled accordingly.
  • The maximum length for the topic is 15 words.
  • Present only the main ideas for your workshop, the description has to be precise but brief. Your proposal should not exceed 200 words.
  •  You will be requested to submit a timetable of your program which should include breaks and other important details only after your workshops proposal has been accepted.
  • The presenter’s biography should be a brief personal introduction showing the author’s level of expertise and competence on the topic.